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Tuesday 5th February 2019

Is it that date already!!!

Oh heck, it’s February 2019 which means it’s a long while since I last posted some news. And yet there’s been nothing but news, though most of it is only really relevant to me and mine. As for world news then, crikey, don’t you just feel like burying your head? Just for a little while? Anyway, lots of stuff going on at my crowded desk, stories being created, novels being edited, music being written with the help of my amazing Sibelius programme and songs coming thick and fast. So yes, folks I’ve been busy. I’ve also embarked on my Coffee Grounds a slow brew of poems written in all the cafes serving Baristocracy Coffee.  Why? It’s beautiful, that’s why. Look it up, try it out! And soon I’ll put up some of the poems. A run of gigs with my band over the next few months and some lovely little people to tell stories to. Here endeth the news.  

Thursday 28th September 2017

National Centre for the Word

Well here I am folks, Writer in Residence and celebrating The Word's first birthday. A few workshops available if you want to come and write poetry and there's a song and poetry fest from Noon till 2pm on Saturday Oct  21st. The Celia Bryce Band will bring up the rear with some of their own songs as well as songs written for the celebration and variously performed by the library choir, the Ukulele group and anyone else who wants to join in. Can’t think of a better job! By the way there’s all sorts of other stuff going on in a fun packed week, so check it out!

Wednesday 19th July 2017


Just a little extra note to say that I've been recording some King Crimson songs for a project with South West German broadcasting station, SWR2.  These things! So, how, you might ask did I get that gig? The answer is - it’s all down to Anthem for Jackson Dawes, its German translator, Bettina Obrecht and her musician husband, Werner.  The programme’s due out in October, date to be confirmed. That’s all I know for now, folks.  Updates nearer the time. Crikey, October’s going to be a busy month!

Wednesday 19th July 2017

The Word

Delighted to be appointed Writer in Residence at ‘The Word’, South Shields, a National Centre for the Written Word. I'll be running writing workshops in September and October and spending time in August absorbing what goes on and what makes the place tick. On October 21st there’ll be The Word’s First Birthday celebration where work produced over the coming months will be performed. Can’t wait to begin!

Friday 7th April 2017

April already?

The clocks have shifted, the garden's frothing with new growth and colour and it’s April already.  Yikes. But let’s embrace what we can, folks, let’s be happy while we may. So here I am, embracing a fab school near my home town, a real pearl of a place which actually reminds me of my garden just now. This school, with its indoor and outdoor classrooms, wild gardens and neat gardens, and happy, buzzing atmosphere, is just five minutes away and yet I’ve never noticed it before, nestled, as it is, in the heart of town. Hoping to see a bit more of it in the future. 

Friday 3rd February 2017

coming soon...

Women on Song

Celia Bryce and Chloe Chadwick

Low Lights Heritage Centre, N Shields

Fri 3rd March  7.30 pm Tickets £10

Hear Celia & Chloe perform their songs and

discuss the art & inspiration of song-writing

Saturday 1st October 2016

Sunderland Literature and Creative Writing Festival 2016

It's all happening on Wearside for the month of October with Sunderland’s Literature and Creative Writing Festival.  For further info why not download the brochure! I'm doing a couple of adult creative writing workshops on: Tuesday 11 October 1.30 – 3.00pm at Sunderland City Library and Thursday 20 October 10.30 – 12noon at Washington Town Centre Library. Booking required folks!

Wednesday 3rd August 2016

In the eye of the beholder.

Wednesday 3rd August 2016

The world.

The world still turns no matter what’s chucked at it which, to me, is nothing short of a miracle. But my heart aches for the good people in it, the children, those who just want to live their lives. And it shudders at the rest.  Let's find some peace, and some beauty.


Thursday 16th June 2016


Back from a trip to Iceland and with a head full of rocks, steam and sulphur. Oh and fermented shark which is a non-compulsory initiation to this amazing country. I’ve eaten it, folks.  But won’t again. Took my camera, took some pics.  I’ve posted a few below.  Can feel some writing coming on!